Student Bullying/Harrassment

Student Bullying/Harrassment

The Kaukauna Area School District strives to provide a safe, secure and respectful learning environment for all students in school buildings, on school grounds, and school buses and at school-sponsored activities. Bullying has a harmful social, physical, psychological and academic impact on bullies, victims and bystanders. The school district consistently and vigorously addresses bullying so that there is no disruption to the learning environment and learning process.


Bullying is deliberate or intentional behavior using words or actions, intended to cause fear, intimidation, physical or emotional harm. Bullying may be a single act or repeated behavior and involves an imbalance of power. The behavior may be motivated by an actual or perceived distinguishing characteristic, such as, but not limited to: age, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical attributes, physical or mental ability or disability; and social, economic or family status.

Bullying behavior can be:

  1. Physical (e.g. assault, hitting or punching, kicking, theft, threatening behavior);
  2. Verbal (e.g. threatening or intimidating language, teasing or name-calling, racist remarks);
  3. Indirect (e.g. spreading cruel rumors, intimidation through gestures, social exclusion and sending insulting messages or pictures by mobile phone or using the Internet - also known as cyber bullying);
  4. Emotional (e.g. excluding, mocking); or
  5. Between students and students, students and adults.

Cyberbullying is another form of bullying that involves the use of information and communication technologies such as e-mail, cell phone and pager text messaging, instant messaging and/or defamatory personal web sites to support deliberate, repeated and hostile behavior that is intended to harm others.

Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Posting slurs or rumors or other disparaging remarks about a student on a web site or on a weblog;
  2. Sending e-mail or instant messages that are mean or threatening, or so numerous as to drive-up the victim’s cell phone bill;
  3. Using a camera phone to take and send embarrassing photographs of students; or
  4. Posting misleading or fake photographs of students on web sites.

Harassment is conduct that is significant, and objectively offensive in such a manner that it can be said to deprive the victim of access to the educational opportunities or benefits provided by the school.

Harassment is defined as conduct that:

  1. Threatens to cause emotional harm;
  2. Threatens to cause bodily injury;
  3. Is sexually intimidating;
  4. Causes physical damage to the property of another person;
  5. Subjects another person to physical confinement or restraint; or
  6. Maliciously and substantially harms another person’s physical or emotional health or safety.

Sexual harassment is a form of harassment that includes:

  1. Unwanted touching;
  2. Sexual jokes;
  3. Pressuring someone to have sex;
  4. Threats or intimidation from a dating partner; or
  5. Any other form of harassment of a sexual nature that would make a reasonable person uncomfortable.

Dating Harassment/Violence
Dating harassment/violence is defined as the intentional use of physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse by a person to harm, threaten, intimidate, or control another person in a dating relationship. Dating harassment/violence is a pattern of coercive behavior that one partner exerts over another.


It is the expectation of the Kaukauna Area School district that all staff members, students and concerned individuals intervene when they observe or become aware of acts of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, and dating harassment/violence. Immediate intervention is essential to bringing awareness to and addressing situations.

Bullying/harassment behavior is prohibited in all schools, buildings, property and educational environments, including any property or vehicle owned, leased or used by the school district. This includes public transportation regularly used by students to go to and from school. Educational environments include, but are not limited to, every activity under school supervision.

Procedure for reporting/retaliation
All school staff members and school officials who observe or become aware of acts of bullying/harassment are required to report these acts to the building principal within 100 calendar days of the incident or of becoming aware of the incident. Any other person, including a student who is either a victim of the bullying/harassment or is aware of the bullying/harassment or any other concerned individual is encouraged to report the conduct to the building principal within 100 calendar days of the incident or of becoming aware of the incident.

Reports of bullying/harassment may be made verbally or in writing and may be made confidentially. All such reports, whether verbal or in writing, will be taken seriously and a clear account of the incident is to be documented. Refer to 412 Rule, Complaint Procedure – Student Bullying/Harassment. A written record of the report, including all pertinent details, will be made by the recipient of the report.

The school official receiving a report of bullying/harassment shall immediately notify the school district employee assigned to investigate the report.

There shall be no retaliation against individuals making such reports. Individuals engaging in retaliatory behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.

Sanctions and supports

If it is determined that student(s) participated in bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or dating harassment/violence behavior or retaliated against anyone due to the reporting of bullying/harassment behavior, the school district administration and school board may take disciplinary action, including but not limited to: suspension, expulsion and/or referral to law enforcement officials for possible legal action as appropriate. Pupil services staff will provide support for the identified victims(s).

Disclosure and public reporting

The policy will be annually distributed to all students enrolled in the school district, their parents and/or guardians and employees. It will also be distributed to organizations in the community having cooperative agreements with the schools. The school district will also provide a copy of the policy to any person who requests it.

Records will be maintained on the number and types of reports made, and sanctions imposed for incidents found to be in violation of this policy.

An annual summary report shall be prepared and presented to the school board, which includes trends in bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, dating harassment/violence and/or retaliation behavior and recommendations on how to further reduce these behaviors. The annual report will be available to the public.

Legal Reference:

  • Sections 118.3 Wisconsin Statute
  • Title IX (Education Amendments of 1972)
  • Wisconsin Fair Employment Act 2009
  • Wisconsin Act 309 Cross Reference: 412, Rule, Complaint Procedure – Student Bullying/Harassment
  • 412, Exhibit A, Student Formal Report of Bullying/Harassment

Approved: August 9, 2010; Revised: September 13, 2010; Revised: March 26, 2012 

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