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About Our Schools

Elementary Schools

Tanner Early Learning Center

Tanner Early Learning Center serves Early Childhood, 4K, 5K and 1st grade students. Our early learning center model provides students with solid foundational skills that set students up for success throughout their school career. We promote a love of learning, by offering safe, nurturing educational environments, focused on age-appropriate concepts and academic growth. We have strong relationships with our students and understand the differentiated approaches each student may need. Tanner enjoys having a variety of family engagement opportunities that make your child’s early first school experience special.


NDLC and Electa Quinney Elementary School

Electa Quinney Elementary provides an enriching and supportive environment for nearly 400 students in grades 2-4. Our dedicated staff focuses on creating memorable learning experiences through a structured curriculum, strong relationships, and personalized support. We are committed to fostering a safe and respectful atmosphere where every child can learn, grow, and succeed. Join us at Electa Quinney, where we inspire a lifelong love for learning and build a strong, connected community.


Victor Haen Elementary School

Victor Haen Elementary serves students in grades 1-4. At Haen, we believe that building relationships and making connections comes first. Through intentional collaboration, we differentiate academic and social-emotional learning to meet the individual needs of each student. We believe all students do well when they can. Through strong partnerships and relationships with families, we will meet the individual needs of all students and increase student success. 

Elementary Charter Schools

NDLC and Electa Quinney Elementary School

New Directions Learning Community (NDLC) is a public charter school serving students in grades 4K-4. NDLC exists to build empathetic, compassionate leaders who impact their world. Our dedicated school staff partner with families by fostering open communication and collaboration to support student success both academically and emotionally. NDLC uses Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me framework which focuses on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, student goal setting, student and family voice and choice, and service learning.  NDLC offers state-of-the-art literacy instruction that blends the Science of Reading with an individualized workshop approach. The workshop model is also used in math and the content areas to ensure students are appropriately challenged and engaged.

Park Community Charter School

Park Community Charter School is a place-based charter school located in a vibrant, historic neighborhood serving approximately 250 students in grades 4K through 4. Our school has partnerships with Kaukauna Utilities, 1000 Islands Environmental Center and the Historic Grignon Mansion where learning targets are met through interactive experiences connected to classroom activities. Our school also practices Conscious Discipline school wide. This brain based program has created a strong school family environment that focuses on physical and emotional safety for everyone in our school.

Middle School

River View Middle School

River View Middle School serves more than 1,000 students in grades 5-8. At RVMS, we support students to become the best possible version of themselves. River View offers students a variety of core classes, elective classes, after-school clubs, and activities to support the whole student.  We encourage students and families to get involved in their education.


High School

kaukauna high school exterior

Kaukauna High School prepares students for a successful future after high school, guided by a rigorous curriculum, a variety of college-credit courses, a highly engaged community work program that successfully gives students valuable work experience in many occupational areas, top-notch fine arts and co-curricular offerings, and a strong connection to our community.


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