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Mental Well-Being

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What is Care Solace?

Care Solace connects students, staff, families and community members to care. At no cost to you, Care Solace will quickly and confidentially find available mental heath and substance use providers matched to your needs.

  • 24/7/365 Multilingual Support
  • Care regarless of insurance
  • Easy access to care

You can access Care Solace by clicking on the Care Solace link, calling 1-888-515-0595, or contacting your school counselor and they will submit a referral on your behalf.


About KASD Mental Well-Being

Student Mental Well-Being

Student Mental Well-Being refers to the overall state of a student's psychological and emotional health. It encompasses various factors, including their ability to cope with stress, manage emotions, maintain healthy relationships, and adapt to academic and social challenges. Key components of student mental well-being include emotional regulation, coping skills, social connectedness, self-esteem, and resilience. 

The KASD supports Student Mental Well-Being through an Equitable Multi-Level System of Support (EMLSS) framework, designed to provide consistent practices within and across grade levels and schools. In this system, schools provide various types of support at differing levels of intensity to proactively and responsively adjust to student needs.

The following are some examples of the support the KASD provides through an EMLSS framework to students to support mental well-being.

Highlights of KASD Mental Well-Being services:

  • All community members have access to mental health navigation through Care Solace
  • All staff receive trauma sensitive schools training to support student mental well-being
  • Students 4K-12 have access to school based mental health services through PATH Counseling
  • High school students can receive academic as well as intensive mental health services through Triumph

Some Ways We Support Student Mental Well-Being

Universal Practices

Designed to provide support for all students

Targeted Practices

Designed to provide additional support for students

Intensive Practices

Designed to provide individualized and intensive support for students