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Welcome to Kaukauna High School

This website was designed to help keep you in the loop - check out the calendars, school news and other links above and to the right to help guide you in the right direction! 

Upcoming Events

April 26 - Thursday
6:30 AM - Blood Drive
6:30 AM - NHS Blood Drive
April 30 - Monday
10:32 AM - U.S. Air Force - Staff Sergeant Brian Spiers
May 1 - Tuesday
11:55 AM - Salon Professional Academy - Tara Larson
May 6 - Sunday
6:00 PM - KHS Academic Awards Night
May 8 - Tuesday
District-Wide Art Show - Opening Night!
May 9 - Wednesday
9:00 AM - Public Communications
9:30 AM - Fox Valley Tech - Kevin Vosters Rep
May 14 - Monday
5:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting
6:30 PM - 5-12 Orchestra Concert
6:30 PM - 5-12 Grade Orchestra Concert
May 17 - Thursday
10:32 AM - U.S. Army - SS Thompson
7:00 PM - 5th and 7th Grade and Jazz Band Concert
May 22 - Tuesday
6:00 PM - 6th Grade and Jazz Choir Concert
7:15 PM - 7th, 8th and Jazz Choir Concert
May 23 - Wednesday
7:00 PM - 6th and 8th Grade and Jazz Band Concert
May 25 - Friday

School News

Nominate your Employee of the Year!

KASD is now accepting 2017-2018 Employee of the Year nominations! Each year, we recognize and celebrate the amazing work of those within our school community. But we need your help! Let us know ... who has gone above and beyond to impact the lives of students, parents and/or our KASD community. You can nominate a deserving employee using the online form here. Nominations are due by Wednesday, May 9, 2018

KHS Holds 12th Annual Reality Store

On Tuesday, April 24th, Kaukauna High School held its 12th annual Reality Store, an event to help students learn basic skills in financial planning, goal-setting, decision-making and career planning. During Social Studies classes, 11th grade students had the opportunity to visit the Reality Store for a chance to examine their financial attitudes and how they relate to the costs of living. Students used their career expectations and financial value systems to select items from each “walk of life” or booth; the cost of those items was deducted from their checkbook registers. Some of the booths at the event included: UNCLE SAM – The first stop for the students, where they are required to pay taxes based on their salaries. KONKAPOT CREEK CREDIT UNION – All students are required to stop at this booth after Uncle Sam to set up their checking accounts; they’re given options on savings accounts, Christmas club, and student loan payments. GHOSTLY REALTY – This booth helps students purchase a home suitable for their family size. Taxes and Insurance are included in the price. RIVERSIDE AUTO DEALERSHIP – Volunteers will have the opportunity to be true car salespeople! The idea at this booth is to help students understand what they can or cannot afford, and to persuade them to purchase something more expensive than they can afford to help them understand the repercussions. GRIGNON GROCER – The students choose the category of groceries they would purchase for their family. BLACK AND ORANGE UTILITIES – Students pay for their utilities here, based on their home choice from earlier. EVE OF DESTRUCTION INSURANCE – Car insurance booth, where payment is determined by the type of vehicle purchased earlier in the program. CROOKS AVENUE GAS – Students roll dice to determine their transportation expenses for the month. MEDICAL/LIFE INSURANCE – Students purchase insurance, the amounts of which are formulated based on career choices K-TOWN DAYCARE – Students choose the type of daycare they needed for their family. GROOM AND GLITTER – Costs associated with this booth included haircuts, make-up, soap, deodorant, etc. GHOSTTOWN FASHIONS – Students have a chance to make fashion options based on their career choices, and have the option to purchase clothing for their children as well. 1,000 ISLANDS VACATIONS – All work and no play is unhealthy; this booth will be set up to help students plan entertainment and vacations, and to prepare for saving up for these things. GALLOPING GHOST PET AND VET – This booth will help students realize the cost of maintaining a pet. If they choose to keep pets, they needed to select a service from this booth’s chart. FATE – Students visit this booth twice to draw numbers for their “fate” listed on a chart; some categories include surgery, work bonus, lost job, etc. SOS – This final booth will help students get out of financial trouble in the smartest ways possible. Volunteers will help students come up with ideas on how to save money throughout the “month” by having a grandparent babysit, sharing housing with someone, or reevaluating their purchase and scaling down. “This is a highly-anticipated event each year for our students,” said Michelle Feucht, High School Counselor. “It really gives them the opportunity to gain a little deeper insight into some of the costs of living that they may have overlooked and understand how their financial values may affect them in the near future.”

Weather-Related Make-Up Time

Per the Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin school districts must provide instruction for a designated minimum amount of hours per school year based on minutes (not days)of instruction at each grade level. Because of a combination of factors including Freshman Orientation, Trimester Finals testing, ACT testing, Aspire testing andweather-related closures and delays this school year, KHS must add 102 instructional minutes to the remaining minutes of the school year to be in compliance with the DPI standard. Rather than adding days to our calendar, Kaukauna Area School District has made the decision to add2 minutes to the beginning of the school day and 3 minutes to the end of the day beginning Monday, April 23, 2018. T This strategy provides a more equal distribution of new minutes to the instructional day, and provides for less student transportation compression. Bus pickup would be 2 minutes earlier and drop off would be 3 minutes later. After conversation with Kobussen, this change will have a minimal impact on students and families. With this new plan, the new start time at KHS will be 7:48 a.m. The new end time will be 3:14 p.m. The elementary and middle school instructional minutes are within DPI standards and will not change.

Thank you KATODA!

A Very Special "Thank You!" to Jack Pautz, Co-Chair of KATODA, who presented Kaukauna High School with a $1000 donation to be used for Post Prom and Post Graduation celebrations.

5th Annual Kaukauna Scramble

Join us on Saturday, June 23, 2018 for a fun-filled day of golf, food, silent auction, raffles and prizes to help raise money for our girls and boys golf teams. Entry Deadline is June 19, 2018.

Blood Drive April 26

Kaukauna High School's National Honor Society, in conjunction with The Community Blood Center, is sponsoring its finalblood drive of the school year on Thursday, April 26,from 6:30a.m - 2:45p.m. The donation process takes about 45-50 minutes, during which you will not only be saving THREE lives, but enjoy a lunch from one of our generous sponsors. This is our LAST chance to crushlast years 16.6 gallon collection record!Thanks to many generous donors, we have come close to breaking the record this year, but NHS needs more help to set a new record and ultimately save more lives! To register, email your name, birthday, and the time that you would like to donate

It's not techno ... It's TechYES!

Kaukauna Area School District tried something new during the last all-staff professional learning day – a Technology Summit, planned and coordinated by the District’s Library Media Specialists (in conjunction with a number of technology leaders and teacher presenters). The 4-hour summit, featuring the tagline of “It’s not TechNO … It’s TechYes!” was a chance for all staff to increase their understanding of a number of different technology tools designed for classroom instruction. The summit began in the afternoon with a quick welcome from Superintendent Duerwaechter in the Kaukauna High School Auditorium, followed by a Technology Showcase where many staff members showed videos demonstrating projects or ongoing ways they integrate technology within their classrooms. After the Technology Showcase, staff members were asked to participate in two rounds of breakout sessions, choosing from more than 30 different technology-related presentations by KASD Instructional Technology leaders. Topics ranged from using tools like Google, BenQ, Infinite Campus and eduClimber to applying the RAT model to technology, extending vocabulary, and communicating with parents. “This day of professional growth also served as a celebration for our District,” said Kaukauna Area School District Director of Secondary Education Matthew Smith. “It was a chance for us to showcase our successes and continue to learn from our technology leaders about new ways to embrace and utilize technology within our curriculum.”

Congratulations State Archers!

A big congratulations to our middle school and high school archery teams who both represented Kaukauna well at the state competition on March 24-25, 2018. Both team scores set new club records! Top finishers..... Linsey Hmielewski placed 5th in the middle school girls division scoring a 281 - an awesome accomplishment! Michaela Sanderfoot placed 8th in the high school girls division with a score of 282. Michaela’s score was also the highest for our team! Other top scores were Miranda Ashauer 276, Megan Kennedy 271 & Lilli Juckem 262 Our top scorer for high school boys was Aiden Reichl 268 Our top scorer for middle school boys was Riley Gerrits 262. Many more archers with personal bests! Congratulations to all who partcipated: Middle School Dominic DeBruin,Ryan Evers,Riley Gerrits,Rachel Giesen,Leyna Hicks,Lindsey Hmielseski,Travis Johnson,Lilli Juckem,Megan Kennedy,Ashley Mayer,Ethan Moehn,Caleb Moore,Sean Nowak,Nathan Offenstein,Caleb Sanderfoot,Colin Sanderfoot,Ciarra Schuh,Conner Schuh,Cole Trudeau,Liam Ulmer High School Miranda Ashauer,Cole Beach,Nathan Besaw,Christian DeBruin,Aidan Glasheen,Nick Groshek,Ben Hartl,Maggie Hietpas,Katelyn Heindel,Samantha Jernigan,Taylor Nowak,Aiden Reichl,Michaela Sanderfoot,Cali Sprangers,Tristan Winkers,Miranda Wyngaard

Governor Walker Signs Safety Bill at Haen

OnMonday, March 26, 2018, Governor Walker visited Victor Haen Elementary School to sign the School Safety Bill, intended to bring $100 million to Wisconsin school districts to improve building security. Haen 4th grade students, who study U. S. Government along with Wisconsin and Local Government, hadthe opportunity to witness the signing after Governor Walker spent time in a couple of classrooms talking with students. It was such a unique and special opportunity for our students and for Kaukauna Area School District. While we understand and appreciate the sensitivity and political nature surrounding school safety, we welcome any effort by the State to support safer schools in Wisconsin communities.This is one of many steps in the continuous process of improving safety within our schools, which is good for students and staff, as well as the community.

KHS Students Win Group Volunteer Award

The Kaukauna High School National Honor Society have been recognized as the "Group Volunteer of the Year" by the YMCA. KHS National Honor Society students have been providing after school reading and homework help to the YMCA Child Care Program throughout the 2nd trimester of the 2017-2018 school year. Of those that volunteered, 29 students provided 63 volunteer hours to Park, Quinney and Tanner Elementary Schools after-school childcare students. The NHS Students are making a significant and positive impact on the education and development of our littlest ghosts! National Honor Society Representatives (L-R) Skyler McInnes, Riley Knaack, Coletta Neumann, along with Advisor Mrs. Miller-Flynn attended the meeting and accepted the award at the YMCA's annual meeting on Monday, March 19. #kaukaunastrong

3-D Printed Puppy Prosthetic

A 3-legged friend was fitted for a prosthetic leg designed and 3-D printed by senior Ben Brochtrup in the KHS Fab Lab. Good Day Wisconsin joined us to report. Check it out here!

District Solo & Ensemble Results

Kaukauna High School experienced tremendous success at Solo & Ensemble competitions during late Februaryand early March. The Vocal and Piano Solo & Ensemble competition was held February 24, 2018. More than 70 individuals and groups performed; 19 have advanced to the State competition. The WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Competition was held March 3, 2018. More than 80 individuals and groups performed; 22 have advanced to the State competition. Vocal State Qualifiers Harmonia Jazz Choir: Anna Bauer (10), Nick Bauer (12), Deondre Benson(11), Alysa Chandler (11), Maya Corcoran (9), Haley Corcoran (12), Isaac Evers (12), Elizabeth Geoffrey (10), Matt Knick (11), Carson Long (12), Makayla MacDonald (9), Aleksander Milanovic (12), Jordan Quandt (11), Nathan Raatz (11), Eva Rohloff (9), Allison Tomlinson (11), Jacob VanAsten (11), & Jason VanZeeland (12) Duet Maya Corcoran (9) & Paige Hussin (9) Allison Tomlinson (11) & Jake Schattner (12) Trio Jordan Quandt (11), Lindsey Tews (11), Maggie Tienor (11) Quartet Jordan Quandt (11), Sam Rucynski (12), Lindsey Tews (11), & Maggie Tienor (11) Classical Solo Anna Bauer (10), Mauricio Bentley (12) Haley Corcoran (12) Carson Long (12) Aleksander Milanovic (12) Eva Rohloff (9) Jacob VanAsten (11) Jason Van Zeeland (12) Music Theatre Solo Haley Corcoran (12) Elizabeth Geoffrey (10) Carson Long (12) Aleksander Milanovic (12) Jacob Van Asten (11) Jason VanZeeland (12) Piano Solo Jack Bruecker Jazz and Ensemble State Qualifiers Violin Solo Miranda Ashauer Violin Duet Miranda Ashauer and Nicole Hanson Flute Solo Allie Parsons Clarinet Solo Haley Ziegler Bass Clarinet Ian Voskuil-Mandel Alto Saxophone Jack Prodoehl Jason VanZeeland Trombone Solo Tori Vandenberg Flute Duet Victoria Zurakowski and Hailey Fink Flute Clarinet Duet Veronica Micke and Krystina Derks Trombone Duet: Molly Ruffing and Tori Vandenberg Matt Niquette and Payton Ziegler Alto Saxophone Trio Sarah Hulvey, Chris West, Allie Parsons Saxophone Quartet Collin Wormet, Hailey Fink, Victoria Zurakowski, Chris West Brass Quintet Joseph VandeHey, Rheann Hietpas, Elizabeth Diedrich, Molly Ruffing, Connor Judd Wind Ensemble Clarinet Choir Katelyn Heindel, Jaycie Glocke, Madison Fauske, Chris West, Sarah Hulvey, Elizabeth Smits, Mikayla Martin, Emily Remmenga, Payten Lynch, Mycenzie Zakowski, Ian Voskuil-Mandel Wind Ensemble Saxophone Choir Jacob VanAsten, Jason VanZeeland, Vic Peters, Jordan Quandt, Madelyn Bain, Meghan Nyman, Noah Grinde, Emma Menting, McKenzie Martin, Meg Lamers, Grace Bessey, Nick Goshek, Clay Huss, Justin Thiede, , Lily Hopfensperger, Alex Kappus, Chris West, Hailey Fink, Mikayla Martin Herd of Horns Natalie Kuehl, Elizabeth Diedrich, Lydia Mader, Jack Hatton, Kaitlyn Murphy, Joseph VandeHey, Kayla Corbeille, Wind Ensemble Low Brass Ensemble Travis Gerrits, Matt Niquette, Payton Ziegler, Ian Jacobson, Molly Ruffing, Tori Vandenberg, Cole Steben, Issac Evers, Seth Kohlbeck, Tony Tessen, Noah Kamenick, Ana Alfaro, Anna Bauer, Grace Eggleston, Connor Judd, RJ Knaack, Nick Bauer, Rheann Hietpas, Natalie Kuehl, Lydia Mader, Elizabeth Diedrich, Jack Hatton, Sam Kobussen, Concert Band Trumpet Choir Alec Zwiers, Miller Austin, Keegan Knudsen, Kaden Johsnon-Garcia, Logan Fitzhugh, Wyatt Boucher, Isaiah Gonzalez-Martinez, Cole Chapman, Nolan Race, Alex Geider, Montana Lynd, Connor Drzewieki, Colin VanDeloo, Kaitlyn Murphy, Kayla Corbeille, Elizabeth Diedrich Jazz Band 1 Jason VanZeeland, Jack Prodoehl, Blake Lund Jacob VanAsten, Justin Thiede, Collin Wormet, Clay Huss, Grace Bessey, Hailey Fink, Chris West, Joseph VandeHey, Olivia Lamers, Alex Geider, Nathan Raatz, Wyatt Boucher, Jack Hatton, Elizabeth Diedrich, Rheann Hietpas, Tori Vandenberg, Molly Ruffing, Matt Niquette, Payton Ziegler, Issac Evers, NIck Bauer, Haydn Thon, Jacob Voster, Skyler Glaser, Travis Gerrits, Jack Bruecker, Natalie Kuehl, Cole Steben, Concert Band Polka Band Sara Grinde, Eliana Nowak, Krystina Derks, Hailey Ziegler, Alyce VanDenWildenberg, Veronica Micke, Catie Fox, Vanessa Uitenbroek, Emma Momberg, Ella Hartjes, Autum Steenis, Kristen VanDyke, Josephine Hinderman, Alexis Schmidt, Clare Cops, Josh Stillwell, Kayla Corbeille, Alex Geider, Nolan Race, Cole Chapman, Wyatt Boucher, Alec Zwiers, Bridget Hutchinson, Max Schneider, Charlie Bruecker, Peter Lison, Grace Robertson, Collin Wormet, Hatton, Laney Fox, Colin VanDeLoo Wind Ensemble Polka Band Jaycie Glocke, Katelyn Heindel, Madison Fauske, Chris West, Sarah Hulvey, Elizabeth Smits, Cassey Eisch, Larz Holtz, Emily Remmenga, Payten Lynch, Mycenzie Zakowski, Victoria Zurakowski, Hailey Fink, Allie Parsons, Deondre Benson, Hannah Magnuson, Meg Lamers, Noah Grinde, Meghan Nyman, Madelyn Bain, Jordan Quandt, Vic Peters, Jason VanZeeland, Lydia Mader, Elizabeth Diedrich, ,Joseph VandeHey, Olivia Lamers, Justin Thiede, , Clay Huss, Nick Goshek, Grace Bessey, Ana Alfaro, Tony Tessen, Tori Vandenberg, Molly Ruffing, Ian Jacobson, Payton Ziegler, Matt Niquette, Travis Gerrits, Grace Eggleston, Anna Bauer, NIck Bauer, RJ Knaack, Connor Judd, Sam Kobussen, Sam Brittnacher, Isaac Evers, Jack Hatton, Aaron Petkovsek, Rheann Hietpas, Grace Kobussen, Kayla Parkerson Congratulations to those students who will be moving on to compete at the State level! Below, you'll find results for remaining students from the weekend. All students performed at a very high level and represented Kaukauna High School very well. Congratulations to all students on your hard work! Class “A” Comment Only Tempo Jazz Choir: Mauricio Bentley, Olivia Broderick, Paige Hussin, Alexia Kurey, Emma Quick, Jake Schattner, Jake Shiffert Colin VanDeLoo, Grace Verhagen, & Brittany Vissers Class “A” First Rating Vocal Solo: Emma Quick, Maya Corcoran, Paige Hussin, Mariah Ulrich, and Auden Pearson Vocal Duet: Anna Bauer & Auden Pearson Violin Solo : Grace Graebel Flute Solo: Veronica Micke, Recorder Solo: Ian Jacobson Clarinet Solo: Krystina Derks Trumpet Solo: Joseph VandeHey, Alex Geiger Trombone Solo: Molly Ruffing Euphonium Solo: Grace Eggleston, Peter Lison Trumpet Duet: Wyatt Boucher, Alex Geiger Alto Saxophone Trio: Clare Cops, Jack Prodoehl, Blake Lund Senior Trombone Quartet: Issac Evers, Travis Gerrits, Molly Ruffing, Natalie Kuehl Wind Ensemble Flute Choir: Savana Koester, Victoria Zurakowski, Hailey Fink, Kayla Parkerson, Allie Parsons, Brynn Springstroh, Chloe VandeHey, Hannah Magnuson, Ana Alfaro, Deondre Benson, Julia Holzschuh, Amber Marciniak, Allison Woldt Concert Band Flute Choir: Ella Hartjes, Alyce VanDenWildenberg, Summer Aldinger, Veronica Micke, Melanie Thiede, Taylor Nowak, Kayleigh Oliver, Catie Fox, Vanessa Uitenbroek, Emma Momberg, Tiffany Posorski, Cana Schmidt, Autum Steenis, Shaelynn Kress, Hailey Fleming Concert Band Low Brass Ensemble: Alec Hopfensperger, Brandon Ott, Peter Lison, Laney Fox, Max Schneider, Andrew Tomlinson, Bridget Hutchinson, Ethan Corrigan, Kayla Corbeille, Kaitlyn Murphy, Colin VanDeloo, Montana Lynd, Charlie Bruecker, Concert Band Clarinet Choir: Eliana Nowak, Haley Ziegler, Krystina Derks, Sara Grinde, Sylvia Vanderloop, Kristen VanDyke, Josephine Hinderman, Angela Potter, Emylia Lemke Wind Ensemble Trumpet Choir: Claire Engmann, Joseph VandeHey, Olivia Lamers, Grace Kobussen, Nathan Raatz, Bryce Schneider, Evan Johnson, Rheann Hietpas, Aaron Petkovsek Class “A” Second Rating Vocal Solo: Bryce Hansen, Elizabeth Geoffrey, Mariah Ulrich, Allison Tomlinson, Lydia Mader - both classical and theatre, Nathan Raatz - both classical and theatre, & Brooke Lehrer Vocal Duet: Mauricio Bentley & Jamie Katz; Carson Long & BeccaLyn Hartjes Men’s Acapella Group: Nick Bauer, Deondre Benson, Quincy Clark, Isaac Evers, Matt Knick, Carson Long, Aleksander Milanovic, Nathan Raatz, Jacob VanAsten, Jason VanZeeland Piano Solo: Alex Geiger Violin Solo: Kiana VanDinter Violin Solo: Kiley Berken Violin Solo: Nicole Hanson Cello Choir: Matt Knick, Logan Knaus, Caden Rohan, Jordan Pausig, and Sam Pausig Cello Solo: Caden Rohan Violin Solo: Alexis Bellotti Bass Solo: Alyssa Elliott Violin Solo: Maddie Glasheen Flute Solo(s): Hailey Fink, Catie Fox, Alyce VanDenWildenberg, Emma Momberg, Victoria Zurakowski, Summer Aldinger, Alto Saxophone: Blake Lund Tenor Saxophone Solo: Justin Theide Trombone Solo: Cole Steben Marimba Solo: Quintin Longland Flute Duet: Melanie Thiede, Vanessa Uitenbroek Alto Saxophone Duet: Jack Prodoehl, Blake Lund Flute Trio: Veronica Micke, Ella Hartjes, Vanessa Uitenbroek Alto Saxophone Trio: Abby Kuehl, Anna Fauske, Aubry Schweiner Trumpet Trio: Nolan Race, Wyatt Boucher, Alex Geiger Flute Quartet: Kayleigh Oliver, Emma Momberg, Nowak, Taylor, Summer Aldinger Flute, Flute, Clarinet, Clarinet Quartet: Ella Hartjes, Haley Ziegler, Krystina Derks, Veronica Micke, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet Quartet: Rheann Hietpas, Elizabeth Diedrich, Hailey Fink, Victoria Zurakowski Concert Band Saxophone Choir: Clare Cops, Blake Lund, Aubry Schweiner, Abby Kuehl, Joshua Stillwell, Brodie Schiedermayer, Emily Van de Hey, Anna Fauske, Raene Konetzke, Aiden Reichl, Alexie Schmidt, Grace Robertson, Nathan Jansen, Collin Wormet, Erin Hatton, Deshaun Ellis Concert Band Percussion Ensemble: Cole Hieptas, Seth Kamenick, Maykayla Macdonald, Carter Hooyman, Max Hartzheim, Ethan Chapman, Vanessa Reichenberger, Spencer Merritt, Anna Mauel, Nathan Hochholzer, Madi Clark, Travis Erath Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble: Sam Brittnacher, Hannah Duoghman, Margaret Hietpas, Kyra Jordan, Cameron Lyons, Darian Rettler, Allison Tomlinson, Jacob Voster, Jack Bruecker, Emma Hurst, Sam Kobussen, Alex Milanovic, Haydn Thon, Elanor Fuller, Joseph VandeHey Class “A” Third Rating Flute Clarinet Duet: Hannah Magnuson, Emily Remmenga Clarinet Alto Sax Duet: Alexis Schmidt, Krystina Derks Class “B” First Rating Vocal Solo: Caden Schmidt, Andie Britt, Raigen Nass Vocal Duet: Grace Verhagen & Olivia Broderick; Eva Rohloff & Lauren Tews Piano Solo: Maggie Hietpas, Sam Rucynski, & Victoria Vandenberg Piano Duet: Wyatt & Wesley Boucher Violin Duet: Ashley Saathoff and Julia Robley Violin Solo: Clarissa Sprangers Jazz Band 2: Hailey Fink, Abby Kuehl, Anna Fauske, Emily Remmenga, Chris West, Victoria Zurakowski, Nick Goshek, Erin Hatton, Deshaun Ellis, Evan Johnson, Chapman Cole, Kaden Johnson-Garcia, Aaron Petkovsek, Jack Hatton, Isiah Gonzalez-Martinez, Cole Steben, RJ Knaack, Seth Kohlbeck, Sam Kobussen, Sam Brittnacher, Nathan Hochholzer, Max Hartzheim, Haydn Thon, Wyatt Boucher, Liam Niland, Lydia Mader, Tony Tessen Class “B” Second Rating Vocal Solo: Mikenna Buchinger (12), Tiffany Posorski (9), Becca Scheffen (9), Amanda Tadych (10) Vocal Duet: Dylan Rockey (10) & Colin VanDeLoo (9); Amara Meisenhelder (9) & Nyla Raisleger (9); Alyssa Elliott (10) & Taylor Geurts (10) Vocal Trio: Ally Amerson (10) , Bobbi Bruehl (10), & Ashley Fauske (10); Alyssa Elliott (10), Theresa Gavin (10), & Taylor Geurts (10) Flute Solo: Taylor Nowak Flute Clarinet Duet: Cana Schmidt, Sylvia Vanderloop Accordion Duet: Sam Kobussen, Joseph VandeHey Class “C” First Rating Vocal Duet: Jadyn Clement & Becca Scheffen; Andie Britt & Isabella Schattner Viola Solo: Cassey Eisch Violin Duet: Clarissa Sprangers and MaKayla Sultze

Mark your Calendars - to SLURP!

Kaukauna High School’s annual fundraiser, SLURP, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. in the Kaukauna High School commons. SLURP, now in its sixth year, was created as a unique fundraiser to promote awareness and raise money for fine arts programs at the school and throughout our community. The fundraiser attracts community members by offering a number of different kinds of soup, provided in sample-sized cups, for attendees to purchase and … slurp! Kaukauna High School art program students will also donate a number of items that will be available for purchase, and live music will be provided by KHS choirs, orchestra and bands throughout the evening. Tickets for this event are $7 for adults and $5 for children aged 4 through 10; Children 3 years old or younger can “slurp” for free. The admission price earns attendees the right to sample from the aisles of soups donated by local businesses, school clubs, students and staff members. Crackers, beverages and desserts will be provided as well. All proceeds from the event will benefit local fine arts programs.

Special Guest for Culinary Arts Classes

KHS Culinary 2 classes had a special treat last week when SFC Patrick Gieseke came in for a visit. Mr. Gieseke gave a presentation about various military careers related to culinary arts, and talked about military meals. During his presentation, he showed students how ready-to-eat meals were used in the field, and challenged each lab group to prepare and present a meal with an explanation of what they did to prepare it and their reasoning. The "winning" lab groups (Alyssa Elliott, Jacob Mathis, and Cole Fleury; and Grant Emme, Owen Bain, and Skylar Mcinnes) were presented with t-shirts as a prize.

Students Host Computer Classes for Senior Citizens

Since 2014, Kaukauna High School’s National Honor Society students have offered a series of computer classes each year, designed specifically for senior citizens in our community. The classes will be available again this year, held on January 24th, February 28th and March 14th, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the computer labs at Kaukauna High School, 1701 County CE. This is a free course. The classes are designed for all experience levels on any device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) and will cover topics like: How to get started using computers; word processing; internet basics; using search engines; online shopping; social media; and more! National Honor Society students will serve as instructors and class assistants, teaching basic skills and working 1-on-1 with attendees to answer individual questions. Last year, then juniors James Murphy and Ben Brochtrup revamped the curriculum for the popular class as one of their service projects, making sure that all of the material was up to date with current technology standards and that the classes were covering topics that were of greatest interest to the community they were serving. “By pairing up National Honor Society students with class members, we created a very relaxed learning environment where class members could move at their own pace. While some had specific problems they were looking to address, others simply wanted to know more about technology and its growing impact on the world around them,” said Ben, now a senior at KHS and a National Honor Society leader. “We found that technology served as a great medium for two drastically different generations to connect.” “I have had so much fun helping run the class. It’s so cool to see the connection between our NHS members and the community,” added James, also now a senior and National Honor Society leader. “We made it both as fun and informational as possible, and the class members are so kind and eager to learn.” Participants are welcome to bring their own devices, but computers will be available on-site as well. The deadline for registration for the Computer Classes is Monday, January 22rd. To register, call Karla Miller-Flynn at (920) 766- 6113 ext. 5826, or email Please include your name, phone number, level of experience with computers and any specific topics you would like to see covered.

KHS Blood Drive - February 1

Kaukauna High School's National Honor Society, in conjunction with The Community Blood Center, is sponsoring its third blood drive of the school year on Thursday, February 1from 6:30a.m - 2:45p.m. The donation process takes about 45-50 minutes, during which you will not only be saving THREE lives, but enjoy a lunch from one of our generous sponsors. Thank you to students Holly Hayden and Kayla Dutton for all of their hard work running this blood drive. Gallon Grad requirements for high school students have been revised.If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Miller-Flynn at the High School. To register, email your name, birthday, and the time that you would like to donate to

"Be the Change"

KaukaunaStudents have accepted the challenge to "Be the Change." In an effort to promote mutual respect and acceptance throughout our school and community, the Kaukauna Area School District will host Challenge Days on January 8-9 at River View Middle School and January 10-11 at Kaukauna High School. The International Challenge Day program was designed to help build connection and empathy among students by breaking down barriers that separate them and promoting understanding, acceptance and respect. Pushing beyond traditional anti-bullying efforts, the 6-1/2 hour program challenges participating students, teachers, counselors and parents to step outside of their comfort zones to build connections with others through a series of games, activities and trust-building exercises. "We're looking forward to giving our students the opportunity to participate in this eye-opening, emotionally-challenging program," said Karen Wirth, School Social Worker. "Celebrating our differences and building mutual respect is the key to growth and unity within our community." Kaukauna High School Sophomore Maisie Prellwitz participated in the program during her 8th grade year at River View, and will again participate this year at the high school. "Challenge Days are a chance for us to connect with other students on a more personal level,” Maisie. “The experience helped me open up to others, and I learned not to judge people by how they portray themselves during school but instead, understand them and the signs that they show when they are struggling. After hearing their stories, I gained a much deeper understanding of who they are.” To learn more about the work of Challenge Day, please visit

District Technology Leaders Present at SLATE

On December 5th, four KASDstaff memberspresented at SLATE (School Leaders Advancing Technology in Education),a state-wide educational technology conference hosted by the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA). River View Middle School teachers Kim Leisgang and Kyrstn Bergh presented a session on the use of classroom tools Nearpod and Screencastify, whichwork together to get students more involved in their classroom activities using their Chromebooks. Kaukauna High School Library Media Specialist and Technology Coach Kevin Hietpas, along with District Technology Coordinator Jim Geoffrey, presented a session about how technology can be used to bring more authentic assessment practices into our classroom.They focused on specific tools and practices that have been initiated within the past year in our district. Both sessions had high attendance and were well received by participants. While not presenting, these staff members were busy learning about both technology resources and how to successfully integrate them into their practice. OnDecember 12th, Jim Geoffrey and Angela Brown will be presenting at the TIES conference in Minneapolis, where they will lead two sessions: one on Chromebooks in 1st grade, and another on the use of our new Interactive Touch Panels at the elementary level.

Kaukauna Schools Exceed Expectations

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released School Report Cards for all Wisconsin publicly-funded schools and districts on November 21, 2017. Kaukauna Area School District again earned outstanding scores: Victor Haen Elementary School and Park Community Charter School earned the “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” distinction; Electa Quinney Elementary School, New Directions Learning Community and River View Middle School earned a place in the “Exceeds Expectations” category; and Kaukauna High School is meeting expectations. Tanner Early Learning Center has a student body that it too young to take the standardized tests, and therefore, is not included in the DPI’s annual review. Because of the significant growth and success at the school level, our combined district accountability score and rating, landed KASD in the “Exceeds Expectations” category for the second year in a row. “These report cards are more evidence of the academic growth that continues to occur in the Kaukauna Area School District,” said Superintendent Mark Duerwaechter. “This is another proud moment for KASD, and we will continue down this path toward success. We didn’t come this far, to only come this far. Our staff and students continue to put in the work, achieve success and grow every day.” DPI’s School Report Cards are intended to help schools and districts examine data across four priority areas: Student Achievement, measured by proficiency in reading and mathematics on state assessments Student Growth, measured by year-to-year improvements in achievement Closing Gaps in performance On-track and Postsecondary Readiness Test participation, absenteeism and dropout rates are also measured. Kaukauna Area School District’s current report cards are all available on the Kaukauna Area School District’s District and School Performance web page. Past report cards can be viewed on the Wisconsin DPI website.


Happy November! Now that Fall is in full swing (with the weather to prove it), and November is finally here, it's a great time to step back and reflect on what makes Kaukauna Area School District so special. We wouldn't be where we are without the support of so many, and so, this November, we'd like to give thanks where it is due. Each day in November, look for#KASDThanks30 on ourDistrict'sFacebook and Twitter pages, a chance for us to thank those individuals and groups that support our District and keep us Kaukauna Strong.

Sizzling Chili Bowl Throwdown

On Sunday, October 29, nine schools from around the state took part in the Wisconsin Restaurant Association's annual “Sizzling Chili Bowl Throwdown” at the Grand Meridian in Appleton, Wisconsin. Ms. Ostrander’s Culinary 1 students created their original chili recipe, which was prepared by the students in lab and then served by the team at the competition. Team members were: Liliana Balthazor, Makenna Gornjak, Grant Nett, Josh Kobussen, Lydia Vervoort (team captain), and Mariah Hauschultz.The team was sponsored by Jean and Mark Landreman, owners of Landreman’s Family Restaurant of Kaukauna. Congratulations to these students and thank you to all who participated!

Hoops 2 Help Raises $15,000!

The 4th Annual Hoops 2 Help event at Kaukauna High School on Saturday, October 28 raised approximately $15,000 for the MACC Fund. Read more on our news and information page.

Academic All-State Honorees

Congratulations to fiveKHS golfers on their recognition as Academic All-State honoree for the recently concluded 2017 Girls Golf season. Kendall Williamson, Emma Moore, Ally Isselmann, Emily Andersonand Lily Sheppard earned the honors, presentedby the Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin (GCAW). In order to be nominated, student-athletes must meet the following criteria: A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 Participation in at least 75% of their team’s varsity matches At least a sophomore in high school These students serve as a great example to others, proving that academic and athletic successes are not mutually exclusive. The coaches association announced during the week of October 23, 2017,that 305 girls from 97 high schools have been honored this year for maintaining high academic standards in the classroom while competing in varsity golf. In fact, the average cumulative GPA of this year’s honorees is an exceptional 3.785. The GCAW was formed by high school golf coaches in 1986 to help build Wisconsin's reputation for developing quality junior players by promoting golf in our schools and communities. Besides honoring both boys and girls who succeed as student athletes, the association also selects an annual All-State team for boys and girls based on their playing ability. An academic ‘Team’ award honoring high school teams with the highest cumulative GPA is also acknowledged. The girls’ team award will be announced in February, 2018.

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