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Welcome to Kaukauna High School

This website was designed to help keep you in the loop - check out the calendars, school news and other links above and to the right to help guide you in the right direction! 

Upcoming Events

June 23 - Saturday
9:00 AM - 5th Annual Kaukauna Scramble
June 25 - Monday
5:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting
July 9 - Monday
5:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting

School News

Thank you! ... and Summer School Updates

Thank you for your patience as we launched Summer School today. The students had a great day! Please see the information below regarding some changes and reminders to help make Day 2 run more smoothly. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the KHS parking lot construction this summer, and the changes in traffic flow during 2018 Summer School. In response to the traffic congestion, we have made revisions to the traffic flow pattern: County CE will be OPEN for entrance traffic Loderbauer Road entrance and exit has not changed A DROP OFF ONLY loop has been created (red dotted line) A drop off area has been created (blue drop off zone) For older students you may drop off/pick up on Loderbauer behind the stadium.Please be mindful of using the crosswalks & watching for children crossing Supervision Begins at 7:45 please do not drop off children early Bussing Routes tend to run late the first couple of days- be patient Please be sure to be at the stop at least 10 min before the time If you did not receive a postcard from Kobussen, please call them directly at766-0606for your time and bus # Thank you, again, for your patience today.

Kaukauna High School Seniors Earn Awards, Scholarships

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, more than 200 awards and scholarships totaling more than $1.4 million were presented at Kaukauna High School’s Senior Awards Night. Graduating seniors celebrated awards, trophies, certificates and scholarships. “We are so proud of our students,” said Superintendent Mark Duerwaechter. “These scholarships and awards are evidence of their growth, and while their time at KHS has come to an end, their journeys toward success are only beginning.” Congratulations to: Amerson, Trevor, Kaukauna Alumni Association Bauer, Nick, KHS Peak Night Borin, Kyle, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship Borin, Kyle, UW-Stout Polytechnic Scholarship Brandt, Kaira, KHS Ghost Scholarship Brochtrup, Benjamin, Albert W. & Louise M. Wuyts Scholarship Brochtrup, Benjamin, Earl Heyrman Scholarship Brochtrup, Benjamin, Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Brochtrup, Benjamin, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Brochtrup, Benjamin, Humana Foundation Scholarship Brochtrup, Benjamin, Lang Trophy Brochtrup, Benjamin, Sherwood Area Optimist Club Award Brochtrup, Benjamin, Unison Credit Union - John Aman Memorial Scholarship Brochtrup, Benjamin, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Gopher State Brochtrup, Benjamin, WIAA Scholar Athlete Award Bruecker, Jack, Kaukauna Alumni Association Bruecker, Jack, Michigan Tech National Excellence Scholarship Buchinger, Mikenna, Kaukauna Alumni Association Buchinger, Mikenna, U.S, Venture Scholarship Buchinger, Nicole, Academic Excellence Scholarship Buchinger, Nicole, Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Buchinger, Nicole, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Buchinger, Nicole, Kaukauna Alumni Association Buchinger, Nicole, WIAA Scholar Athlete Award Buss, Jessica, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship Carl, Frederick, Crane Engineering Scholarship Carl, Frederick, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Carl, Frederick, Kaukauna Boys Hoops Club Scholarship Carl, Frederick, Michgan Tech Scholar of Prominence Carl, Frederick, Michigan Tech Athletic Grant Corcoran, Haley, Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Nagan Scholarship Corcoran, Haley, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Corcoran, Haley, Kaukauna Community Players - Arlene Trettin Scholarship Corcoran, Haley, UW-EauClaire Automatic Honors Scholarship Corcoran, Haley, UW-EauClaire Mark of Excellence Diedrick, Elizabeth, Bernatello's Pizza Scholarship Diedrick, Elizabeth, K.A.T.O.D.A. Diedrick, Mason, Dr. George Behnke Memorial Scholarship Diedrick, Mason, StoneRidge Piggly Wiggly Scholarship Drella, Ashelyn, Gordon & Marjorie Jacobson Scholarship Earll, Myriah, Concordia University UW Presidential Scholarship Earll, Myriah, Lyle Vandenberg Health Care Scholarship Ebben, Madeline, KHS Peak Night Ebben, Payton, Claire Fell Doherty Nursing Ebben, Payton, Kaukauna Quarterback Club Scholarship Eisch, Cassandra, Philip B. Foxgrover Memorial Scholarship Emme, Grant, Eastern Illinois University Emme, Grant, Masonic Scholarship - Appleton Lodge 349 Engmann, Claire, Kaukauna Alumni Association Engmann, Claire, Kaukauna Girls Basketball Association Scholarship Engmann, Claire, Northern Michigan University - Wildcat Achievement Scholarship Evers, Isaac, Kaukauna Alumni Association Evers, Nathan, Kaukauna Alumni Association Evers, Nathan, Kaukauna Utilities Scholarship Frederickson, Ian, Kaukauna Elks US Constitution 2nd Place Winner Fuller, Isabel, Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Fuller, Isabel, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Fuller, Isabel, Kaukauna Alumni Association Fuller, Isabel, University of Utah Academic Excellence Furman, Mariah, Kaukauna Lions Club - Technical Scholarship Furman, Mariah, TEEN Scholarship Gerrits, Jaida, Janice Kunz Scholarship Gerrits, Jaida, Marian University Legacy Scholarship Gerrits, Jaida, Marian University Sr. Mary Mollison Legacy Gerrits, Travis, Kaukauna Alumni Association Glaser, Skyler, Mike Parish Memorial Graebel, Grace, Carroll University Music Scholarship Graebel, Grace, Carroll University Vorhees Scholarship Graebel, Grace, Kay Vandenberg Arts Scholarship Hacker, Alexsys, K.A.T.O.D.A. Hacker, Alexsys, Kaukauna Elks US Constitution 3rd Place Winner Hammen, Trevor, Kaukauna Athletic Club Scholarship Hayden, Holly, Community Blood Center Scholarship Hayden, Holly, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Hayden, Holly, Kaukauna Alumni Association Herrmann, Macey, Kaukauna Girls Volleyball Scholarship Herrmann, Macey, Mrs. "B" (Blajeski) Memorial Hietpas, Travis, Kaukauna Boys Hoops Club Scholarship Hinkens, Ally, Kaukauna Athletic Club Scholarship Hoffman, Sydney, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship Holzschuh, Julia, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship Hurst, Emma, Edgewood College Washburn Scholarship Hurst, Emma, Kaukauna Education Association Teaching Scholarship Huss, Clayton, Kaukauna Lioness Club Scholarship Joseph, Molly, Iron Macy Memorial Scholarship Judd, Connor, Kaukauna Athletic Club Scholarship Judd, Connor, Kaukauna Boys Hoops Club Scholarship Jurek, Mekenna, Alex Sprangers Peace Scholarship Jurek, Mekenna, Walter & Ruth Schmidt Scholarship Kilgas, Makaida, William Flynn Science Scholarship Klein, Griffin, KHS Drama Parents Club Scholarship Kobussen, Samantha, Kaukauna Alumni Association Kuehl, Natalie, Earl Heyrman Scholarship Kuehl, Natalie, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Kuehl, Natalie, Herb Kohl Education Excellence Scholarship Kuehl, Natalie, KHS Ghost Scholarship Kuehl, Natalie, Put Kaukauna on the Map Scholarship Kuehl, Natalie, U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award Kurey, Dylan, Kaukauna Boys Hoops Club Scholarship Kuske, Taylor, Concordia University Regents Scholarship Kuske, Taylor, Genevieve F. Wentzel Nursing Scholarship Long, Carson, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship Long, Carson, KHS Drama Parents Club Scholarship Magness, Ahna, Cynthia L. Wyngaard Ed Scholarship Malouf, Isabelle, TEEN Scholarship Mandel, Cherie, Albert W. & Louise M. Wuyts Scholarship Mandel, Cherie, American Legion Appleton Post 38 Family Scholarship Massonet, Jacob, Kaukauna Alumni Association Mathis, Jacob, Albert W. & Louise M. Wuyts Scholarship McCabe, Jordan, Kaukauna Boys Hoops Club Scholarship McCord, Thomas, Technical Excellence Award McMains, Cora, Art Scholarship McMains, Cora, KHS Graphic Arts Club Scholarship Meehl, Michaela, Academic Excellence Scholarship Meehl, Michaela, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Meehl, Michaela, Kaukauna Alumni Association Meehl, Michaela, Marie VanDeBruggen Memorial Scholarship Meehl, Michaela, U.S. Marine Corp Scholastic Excellence Award Miller, Sidney, Shanna VanDynHoven Memorial Scholarship Miller, Sidney, St. Norbert College Trustee Distinguished Scholarship Moes, Mason, Pam Sparkle Time Scholarship Montalvo, Tony, Donald T. Straus Scholarship Montalvo, Tony, TEEN Scholarship Murphy, James, DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Murphy, James, Kaukauna Athletic Club Scholarship Murphy, James, Student Council Leadership Award Murphy, James, Western Michigan Bronco Merit Scholarship Nennig, Kylie, American Legion Scholarship - Thomas Kees - Post 496 Nennig, Kylie, Kaukauna Alumni Association Neuber, Abigail, Kaukauna Girls Volleyball Scholarship Neuber, Abigail, Kaukauna Clinic Medical Staff Scholarship Neuman, Coletta, KHS Ghost Scholarship Niquette, Matthew , Kaukauna Utilities Scholarship Olson, Kylee, Kaukauna Girls Volleyball Scholarship Olson, Kylee, Carthage College Academic Honors Scholarship Olson, Kylee, Kaukauna Lioness Club Scholarship Orella, Grace, Academic Excellence Scholarship Orella, Grace, Community Blood Center Scholarship Orella, Grace, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Orella, Grace, Kaukauna Gilrs Volleyball Scholarship Orella, Grace, Kaukauna Alumni Association Parsons, Alexandra, Lyle Vandenberg Health Care Scholarship Pike, Kendyl, TEEN Scholarship Rettler, Jared, KHS Ghost Scholarship Rettler, Jared, St. Norbert College DeWane/Berne Abbey Award Rettler, Jared, St. Norbert College Presidential Scholarship Rettler, Jared, U.S. Venture Scholarship Riemer, Jaiden, Kaukauna Athletic Club Scholarship Rivera Delgado, Francisco, Elks US Constitution State Exam- 2nd place Rivera Delgado, Francisco, Kaukauna Elks US Constitution 1st Place Winner Rivera Delgado, Francisco, Student Council Leadership Award Rucynski, Samantha, Affinity Medical Group Scholarship Rucynski, Samantha, Kaukauna Alumni Association Ruffing, Molly, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship Ruffing, Molly, Elmer and Margaret Otte Scholarship Ruffing, Molly, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Ruffing, Molly, Lawrence University - Catholic Financial Life Service Scholarship Ruffing, Molly, Lawrence University Lawrentian Award Ruffing, Molly, Lawrence University Main Hall Green Award Ruffing, Molly, Paulson Family Scholarship at Lawrence University Ruffing, Molly, Unison Credit Union - John Aman Memorial Scholarship Schattner, Jacob, UW-Stevens Point First Year CNR Scholarship Schattner, Jacob, UW-Stevens Point Pointer Payback Scholarship Schramm, Jacob, Donald T. Straus Scholarship Schramm, Jacob, Kaukauna Quarterback Club Scholarship Schramm, Jacob, TEEN Scholarship Schroeder, Joshua, Delores E. Mischer Memorial Scholarship Schroeder, Joshua, Kaukauna Alumni Association Schuler, Emma, St. Norbert College John F. Kennedy Scholarship Seefeldt, McKenna, Marian University Trustee Scholarship Siegel, Brooke, Leo & Frances Driessen Family Scholarship Stuyvenberg, Madysen, Kaukauna Alumni Association Stuyvenberg, Madysen, St. Norbert College John F Kennedy Scholarship Swanson, Morgan, Kaukauna Alumni Association Swenson, Sydney, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Swenson, Sydney, James D. Brogan Memorial - Bank of Kaukauna Swenson, Sydney, KHS Soccer Booster Club Scholarship Thede, Hannah, Bernatello's Pizza Scholarship Thede, Hannah, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Thiede, Lexi, Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) Scholarship Thompson, Emily, Elks Technical Scholarship Thompson, Emily, Kaukauna Lions Club - Technical Scholarship Thon, Haydn, Christopher Langel Memorial VanCuyk, Sara, Albert & Mary Rhoades Scholarship VanCuyk, Sara, K.A.T.O.D.A. VanCuyk, Sara, St. Norbert College John F. Kennedy Scholarship VandeHey, McKenna, Bernatello's Pizza Scholarship VandeHey, McKenna, Community Blood Center Scholarship VandeHey, McKenna, Marian University Early Sabre Award VandeHey, McKenna, Marian University Grant VandeHey, McKenna, Marian University Sr. Mary Mollison Legacy VandeHey, McKenna, Marian University Sr. Mary Sheila Burns Award VanDeHey, Ethan, Kaukauna Elks Most Valuable Student Award VanDyke, Lance, Vietnam Veterans of America Appleton Area Chapter 351 VanHandel, Trisha, Kaukauna Girls Volleyball Scholarship VanHandel, Trisha, Kaukauna Athletic Club Scholarship VanZeeland, Jason, Kay Vandenberg Arts Scholarship VanZeeland, Jason, KHS Soccer Booster Club Scholarship Verhagen, Sammantha, Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) Scholarship Verhasselt, Breanna, Kaukauna Girls Basketball Association Scholarship Verhasselt, Breanna, Northern Michigan University - Wildcat Achievement Scholarship VerVoort, Lydia, Technical Excellence Scholarship VerVoort, Sarah, Kaukauna Lions Club Scholarship Wagner, Kaelyn, Kaukauna Lions Club Scholarship Wagner, Kaelyn, Student Council Leadership Award Wagner, Robert, Technical Excellence Award Welter, Jordan, K.A.T.O.D.A. Welter, Jordan, TEEN Scholarship Williamson, Kendall, Marian University Trustee Scholarship Zaletel, Hannah, Florida State University Freshman Scholarship Zaletel, Hannah, Kaukauna Alumni Association Zepeda Farias, Gustavo, Joshua P. Verbeten Memorial Zipperer, Carsen, Bruce and Teresa Mathis Scholarship Zipperer, Carsen, Kewaunee County Home & Community Education Scholarship Zipperer, Carsen, UW-Platteville Kaukauna HS Community Scholarship Zobel, Kaelyn, Ferdinand Kowalke Award Zobel, Kaelyn, McGoey Family Scholarship

KHS Intro to Education students ... teach!

Recently, Ms. Ostrander’s KHS Intro To Education class spent an afternoon teaching 4th grade students at Electa Quinney Elementary School. The high school students wrote and implemented lessons on language arts and math. After finishing their lessons they took the students to the gym to take part in team building activities. Intro To Education is a class offered through the Family and Consumer Science department at Kaukauna High School and is offered to students interested in pursuing a career in education.

KHS Student Named 2018 Prep Scholar

Kaukauna High School is proud announce that junior Subhiksha (Subhi) Srinivasan has been named a 2018 College Prep Scholar by QuestBridge. Applicants are chosen based on academic excellence, personal qualities and financial need. As one of nearly 4,000 students (out of more than 11,000) applicants chosen as a College Prep Scholar, Subhi will receive: Exclusive access to 40 of the nation’s best colleges at a QuestBridge National College Admissions Conference, where she can learn from and interact with admissions officers from leading colleges and universities at this full-day event Support and guidance throughout the college application process College Prep Scholars also have the potential to receive: Full scholarships to college summer programs at Stanford, Yale, Emory, Penn, and more that cover travel, tuition, and room & board Personalized feedback on college essays from trained coaches Quest for Excellence Awards, such as laptops and reimbursement for college application fees All-expense-paid campus visits to QuestBridge college partners One-on-one college admissions tele-mentoring from Amherst College students “This is an incredible opportunity for an outstanding student,” said Kaukauna High School Counselor Michelle Feucht. “Subhi has worked hard throughout her high school career and we’re extremely proud of her for this accomplishment and what it means for her post-secondary career. The sky is the limit.” About QuestBridge QuestBridge is a powerful platform that connects the nation's brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities. We are an aggregator of excellence. By facilitating these exchanges, QuestBridge aims to increase the percentage of talented low-income students attending the nation's best universities and the ranks of national leadership itself.

Author Marla McKenna Visits KASD Elementary Students

On Monday, April 30 and Tuesday May 1, 2018, Kaukauna Area School District Elementary students at Park Community Charter School and Tanner Early Learning Center had the opportunity to learn the superhero secrets of Author Marla McKenna. During the interactive visits, Ms. McKenna introduced herself to students, telling them a little about herself and her first book, Mom’s Big Catch. After reading the books to students, she then went through the process of writing a book, from formulating ideas and characters through the editing, illustrating and publishing processes. Students then had a little additional fun asking questions and taking a look at the photos and videos Ms. McKenna shared. “Having Ms. McKenna here creates an engaging experience where our students can connect what we learn every day about respect, integrity and responsibility with all that goes on outside of school,” said Ken Kortens, Principal at Park Community Charter School. “The themes are patience, positivity and perseverance to reach goals really hit home with our kids and reinforced their daily work.” After student presentations on Monday, April 30, Ms. McKenna also held an evening presentation at Tanner, and took part in a book signing during their “Cozy up and Read” event. A similar event was held at Park Community Charter School on the evening of Tuesday, May 1. About Marla McKenna Marla McKenna is the author of several children’s books, including Mom’s Big Catch, which was inspired by an actual event that took place at Miller Park. Her other children’s books include: Sadie's Big Steal is the second book in the Mom's Big Catch series, and it focuses on the important message of anti-bullying, friendship, respect and kindness; I'm a Secret Superhero inspires children to find their inner super power and use their special gifts to find their purpose and make a difference; and A Soccer Summer Dream with the Milwaukee Torrent, which is currently in production and will be released soon. While in school, Marla was involved in music, sports and theater. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism – Advertising and Public Relations. Marla has always been passionate about the creative aspect of writing and graphic design, and her work has appeared in magazines, brochures, newsletters, billboards, DVDs and radio spots, and is now featured in these children’s books. She has loved turning her passion for writing into a career and is excited about the opportunities she has to share her positive message with kids of all ages while visiting schools across the country. Teaching children that dreams really can come true and the importance of never giving up, is the theme she includes in her presentations.

KHS Holds 12th Annual Reality Store

On Tuesday, April 24th, Kaukauna High School held its 12th annual Reality Store, an event to help students learn basic skills in financial planning, goal-setting, decision-making and career planning. During Social Studies classes, 11th grade students had the opportunity to visit the Reality Store for a chance to examine their financial attitudes and how they relate to the costs of living. Students used their career expectations and financial value systems to select items from each “walk of life” or booth; the cost of those items was deducted from their checkbook registers. Some of the booths at the event included: UNCLE SAM – The first stop for the students, where they are required to pay taxes based on their salaries. KONKAPOT CREEK CREDIT UNION – All students are required to stop at this booth after Uncle Sam to set up their checking accounts; they’re given options on savings accounts, Christmas club, and student loan payments. GHOSTLY REALTY – This booth helps students purchase a home suitable for their family size. Taxes and Insurance are included in the price. RIVERSIDE AUTO DEALERSHIP – Volunteers will have the opportunity to be true car salespeople! The idea at this booth is to help students understand what they can or cannot afford, and to persuade them to purchase something more expensive than they can afford to help them understand the repercussions. GRIGNON GROCER – The students choose the category of groceries they would purchase for their family. BLACK AND ORANGE UTILITIES – Students pay for their utilities here, based on their home choice from earlier. EVE OF DESTRUCTION INSURANCE – Car insurance booth, where payment is determined by the type of vehicle purchased earlier in the program. CROOKS AVENUE GAS – Students roll dice to determine their transportation expenses for the month. MEDICAL/LIFE INSURANCE – Students purchase insurance, the amounts of which are formulated based on career choices K-TOWN DAYCARE – Students choose the type of daycare they needed for their family. GROOM AND GLITTER – Costs associated with this booth included haircuts, make-up, soap, deodorant, etc. GHOSTTOWN FASHIONS – Students have a chance to make fashion options based on their career choices, and have the option to purchase clothing for their children as well. 1,000 ISLANDS VACATIONS – All work and no play is unhealthy; this booth will be set up to help students plan entertainment and vacations, and to prepare for saving up for these things. GALLOPING GHOST PET AND VET – This booth will help students realize the cost of maintaining a pet. If they choose to keep pets, they needed to select a service from this booth’s chart. FATE – Students visit this booth twice to draw numbers for their “fate” listed on a chart; some categories include surgery, work bonus, lost job, etc. SOS – This final booth will help students get out of financial trouble in the smartest ways possible. Volunteers will help students come up with ideas on how to save money throughout the “month” by having a grandparent babysit, sharing housing with someone, or reevaluating their purchase and scaling down. “This is a highly-anticipated event each year for our students,” said Michelle Feucht, High School Counselor. “It really gives them the opportunity to gain a little deeper insight into some of the costs of living that they may have overlooked and understand how their financial values may affect them in the near future.”

5th Annual Kaukauna Scramble

Join us on Saturday, June 23, 2018 for a fun-filled day of golf, food, silent auction, raffles and prizes to help raise money for our girls and boys golf teams. Entry Deadline is June 19, 2018.

Blood Drive April 26

Kaukauna High School's National Honor Society, in conjunction with The Community Blood Center, is sponsoring its finalblood drive of the school year on Thursday, April 26,from 6:30a.m - 2:45p.m. The donation process takes about 45-50 minutes, during which you will not only be saving THREE lives, but enjoy a lunch from one of our generous sponsors. This is our LAST chance to crushlast years 16.6 gallon collection record!Thanks to many generous donors, we have come close to breaking the record this year, but NHS needs more help to set a new record and ultimately save more lives! To register, email your name, birthday, and the time that you would like to donate

It's not techno ... It's TechYES!

Kaukauna Area School District tried something new during the last all-staff professional learning day – a Technology Summit, planned and coordinated by the District’s Library Media Specialists (in conjunction with a number of technology leaders and teacher presenters). The 4-hour summit, featuring the tagline of “It’s not TechNO … It’s TechYes!” was a chance for all staff to increase their understanding of a number of different technology tools designed for classroom instruction. The summit began in the afternoon with a quick welcome from Superintendent Duerwaechter in the Kaukauna High School Auditorium, followed by a Technology Showcase where many staff members showed videos demonstrating projects or ongoing ways they integrate technology within their classrooms. After the Technology Showcase, staff members were asked to participate in two rounds of breakout sessions, choosing from more than 30 different technology-related presentations by KASD Instructional Technology leaders. Topics ranged from using tools like Google, BenQ, Infinite Campus and eduClimber to applying the RAT model to technology, extending vocabulary, and communicating with parents. “This day of professional growth also served as a celebration for our District,” said Kaukauna Area School District Director of Secondary Education Matthew Smith. “It was a chance for us to showcase our successes and continue to learn from our technology leaders about new ways to embrace and utilize technology within our curriculum.”

Governor Walker Signs Safety Bill at Haen

OnMonday, March 26, 2018, Governor Walker visited Victor Haen Elementary School to sign the School Safety Bill, intended to bring $100 million to Wisconsin school districts to improve building security. Haen 4th grade students, who study U. S. Government along with Wisconsin and Local Government, hadthe opportunity to witness the signing after Governor Walker spent time in a couple of classrooms talking with students. It was such a unique and special opportunity for our students and for Kaukauna Area School District. While we understand and appreciate the sensitivity and political nature surrounding school safety, we welcome any effort by the State to support safer schools in Wisconsin communities.This is one of many steps in the continuous process of improving safety within our schools, which is good for students and staff, as well as the community.

Students Host Computer Classes for Senior Citizens

Since 2014, Kaukauna High School’s National Honor Society students have offered a series of computer classes each year, designed specifically for senior citizens in our community. The classes will be available again this year, held on January 24th, February 28th and March 14th, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the computer labs at Kaukauna High School, 1701 County CE. This is a free course. The classes are designed for all experience levels on any device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) and will cover topics like: How to get started using computers; word processing; internet basics; using search engines; online shopping; social media; and more! National Honor Society students will serve as instructors and class assistants, teaching basic skills and working 1-on-1 with attendees to answer individual questions. Last year, then juniors James Murphy and Ben Brochtrup revamped the curriculum for the popular class as one of their service projects, making sure that all of the material was up to date with current technology standards and that the classes were covering topics that were of greatest interest to the community they were serving. “By pairing up National Honor Society students with class members, we created a very relaxed learning environment where class members could move at their own pace. While some had specific problems they were looking to address, others simply wanted to know more about technology and its growing impact on the world around them,” said Ben, now a senior at KHS and a National Honor Society leader. “We found that technology served as a great medium for two drastically different generations to connect.” “I have had so much fun helping run the class. It’s so cool to see the connection between our NHS members and the community,” added James, also now a senior and National Honor Society leader. “We made it both as fun and informational as possible, and the class members are so kind and eager to learn.” Participants are welcome to bring their own devices, but computers will be available on-site as well. The deadline for registration for the Computer Classes is Monday, January 22rd. To register, call Karla Miller-Flynn at (920) 766- 6113 ext. 5826, or email Please include your name, phone number, level of experience with computers and any specific topics you would like to see covered.

KHS Blood Drive - February 1

Kaukauna High School's National Honor Society, in conjunction with The Community Blood Center, is sponsoring its third blood drive of the school year on Thursday, February 1from 6:30a.m - 2:45p.m. The donation process takes about 45-50 minutes, during which you will not only be saving THREE lives, but enjoy a lunch from one of our generous sponsors. Thank you to students Holly Hayden and Kayla Dutton for all of their hard work running this blood drive. Gallon Grad requirements for high school students have been revised.If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Miller-Flynn at the High School. To register, email your name, birthday, and the time that you would like to donate to

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